Frequently asked questions

NuHollywood is a virtual club in the Metaverse where everyone is a celebrity guest because everyone has a story that can make a difference.

Provides a platform where people can share their stores, be entertained, learn, grow and give back to the community.

The metaverse is a 3D version of the Internet, where you are able to purchase and sell digital and physical goods, hang out with friends using avatars or explore different immersive virtual worlds using a computer or 3D goggles.

Virtual Theaters and Competition Suites within a Virtual Mall that welcomes everyone as a Celebrity Guests who can promote their brand and monetize their business while making a difference because Your Story Matters.

The various communities within  the Virtual Mall  app includes  such features as: Audio, Video, Chat, Vote (Poll) in our competition suites (events) & monetize with tickets in our virtual theater and/or live events

At NuHollywood, YOU can “Have Fun, Make Money & Make a    Difference.”

In the NuHollywood app, you only need your email to sign up.

The NuHollywood app is compatible with both iOS & Android platforms within the Apple & Google Play Stores.

You can stream or video (Using our NuView) for  your live event which then creates a Virtual event in our Competition Suite OR Virtual Theater.

The NuHollywood app launches its 1st soft launch at the CES Technology Conference in Las Vegas  from January 9 – 12, 2024.

The NuHollywood app allows you to monetize by paying for the memberships:

  • Celebrity Influencer @ $4.99/month or $59.88/annually
  • Celebrity Boss @ $14.99/month or $179.88/annually

Live Karaoke or music  events  can be streamed (Filmed) in our NuView which then are presented  virtually in our Virtual Theater or Competition Suites.

NuHollywood will host live e-gaming & DJ events in our Competition Suites or in our Virtual Theaters.

The NuHollywood 2.0 app (Fall 2024 launch date) will feature our Virtual Metaverse events for those who want to include their own Ai Avatars to Co-host virtual Karaoke,  e-gaming & DJ events in our Competition Suites or in our Virtual Theaters.

The NuHollywood  app allows unlimited use to make money once you sign up for  a Celebrity Influencer or Celebrity Boss Membership.

The NuHollywood  NuView has its own version of Zoom, however, with your own built-in wallet to monetize or making a transaction while you are still meeting or hosting an event.

NuHollywood’s Virtual Mall allows you to “Have Fun” experiences virtually (ie. Karaoke, DJ & eGames) while at home or any place of your choice  with your family & friends  as YOU “Make Money”     advertising YOUR Brand or Business that allows YOU to sell YOUR Products and/or Services while “Making a Difference” as  you Co-host Crowdfunded events within our Virtual Theaters.